About SCIMED Biotechnologies

About us

SCIMED Biotechnologies s.r.o. is a Czech biotechnology company that participates in the production of nanofiber face masks and is a partner of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic with the authorization to test COVID-19. We perform coronavirus testing in Prague. We sell nanofiber face masks for companies and individuals.

Our team

The company team is composed of scientists with rich knowledge in the cell therapy field, as well as specialists experienced in leading companies within the private sector.

Research and development

Our R&D department carefully analyses new trends in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. We cooperate with leading academic institutes, and seek out opportunities to transfer the latest knowledge of applied research into medical practice. The key objective is the establishment of a product portfolio that meets the most demanding requirements for use in human and veterinary medicine.

Customized solutions

We’ll find a solution for your project. We will evaluate your project from technical, marketing, and business perspectives to shape a strategy, project plan, and management designed specifically for you.

Currently, our research and development takes place in the following areas:

  • products based on mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue, bone marrow and umbilical tissue;
  • bio- and nanomaterials;
  • methods of cryopreservation of biological materials