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Nanofiber face masks production

Nanomebrane face masks made in the Czech Republic

We developed face masks with the Scino B nanofiber membrane for the protection of medical staff in cooperation with the “Fakultní nemocnicí Královské Vinohrady”. The filtration efficiency of the FFP2 class was successfully tested in the laboratories of the “Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce a v laboratoři Ústavu chemických procesů AV ČR”.

The face masks were also tested in the laboratories of HygCen Austria GmbH according to EN 14683:2019 using the SOP13-002 (BFE) method with a result of 95.16%, which meets the requirements for bacterial filtration efficiency for medical face masks. See for yourself the fiber size comparison of our material and the commonly used respirators in the pictures below.

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FFP2 Standard

FFP3 Standard

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