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Cell Therapy

Scimed Biotechnologies focuses on stem cells, biomaterials and their incorporation for use in regenerative medicine. Our core areas of interest lie in neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and skin impairments among many others. The mission of the company is to offer products that naturally activate and support our innate regenerative potential. Our products are based on mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow and from the umbilical cord.

Together with our partners, we provide patients comprehensive health services in the stem cell therapy field, specifically focusing on orthopedic and neurological disorders.

CRO Services

Scimed Biotechnologies offers complex clinical research services in varying phases I-III focusing on regenerative medicine, cell therapy and stem cell application.

Our strategy is to incorporate our own experience with the expertise of our top partners. We are able to ensure cost effecive services taking advantage of competitive prices in comparison to the US or western EU countries.

We offer a comprehensive set of services in the management of clinical trials, registration processes and negotiations with regulatory authorities.

Business and marketing support
  • Market analysis and consultations prior to market entry
  • Developing distribution channels within the EU, Russia and Asia